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influence of cars. we love this project. we hope it will move forward as quickly as possible. we are heartbroken about the current economic conditions that are holding it back. i think anything you can do to move it forward quickly is all to the good. thank you. >> manny flores. paul currier. >> danny flores. we are here in full support of the project. it is a no-brainer. we are excited about it. we would like to plant the seed now and get going. we are currently already up there. the united brotherhood of carpenters, we are partners with the job corps out there, so we have a training facility there.
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we have already landed. we just need the jobs. we are currently looking for more women in the program also. we will be looking for your blessing for the treasure island project. thank you. >> thank you. >> sherry williams, executive director of the treasure island development agency. we are proud to make comments today as this next milestone is before you. the plan represents a real opportunities to provide housing and jobs for formerly homeless and low-income san franciscans. the eir sites the housing that will be available for tida and john carpenter news that will be created for redevelopment. we look forward to expanding the number of formerly homeless people who will now have a place to call home, as well as those who earn an income through the
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tida middle of that. a key component for us is none of the existing residence will be displaced. all will have an opportunity for housing. in a land use section, tida occupies the fitness center and gymnasium. for the record, we no longer operate the gymnasium. however, we do use the former fitness center as a community center. this is a critical resource for existing residence. it is the site of numerous community meetings, events, a food pantry program, computer workshop, a venue for residents to come together as a community. beyond our sights there is space allocated for community center and redevelopment, and we are pleased to see this. over the past 13 years we have tried to create and support communities by providing at least basic services such as child care, your programming, recreation programming, and so
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on. it is important to us and the future of the new treasure island community to have such things in place. we assumed the 48,500 square feet allocated to the community center and the 30,000 square feet for community services will be used to support everything from youth programming to air on the center to general purpose community center, like we have currently. it will be important to keep these basic services in place to support existing residence as construction occurs until their replacements are developed. we are supportive of the project, and we, too, are looking forward to implementing it. >> thank you. >> nick rossi. i have reviewed the draft eir and i have the following
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comment. we believe there is no mechanism for the perimeter burned. it is not addressed in the hazards and hydrology section. storm waters and floods are done to make sure that they can maintain future operations -- i am constrained by the three minutes. believe the future operation and maintenance should be included by the product description and further analysis should be evaluated. in the previous staff reports, i would refer to to be an addendum of the commission meeting from friday august to, north coast district item f4a, local coastal program amendment crcmaj-1-09, for the alliances and purposes of the sale of all rate of 3 p per century is going to be used.
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you mentioned in the report tsunami hazards should account for sea levels of 3 feet 26 p per century, however, project plans only accommodate 36 inches of c rise and an additional 6 inches of freeboard. however, we believe it will not be adequate for the lifetime of the project. no definitive publication had been produced that addresses the sea level rise, which makes it impossible to determine the appropriate height. it is conceivable in the lifetime of the project, the sea level may increase more than a product design. see level is problematic for treasure island. we believe the coastal commission, because this project involves rezoning plan amendment, a discussion of its requirements should have been included.
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under government code 6560a, it requires a land use as authorized the under programs and general specific uses in the general plan. we think the omission of the coastal commission's involvement is a serious violation. i mentioned before -- [inaudible] tsunami location. not think their response plan respond adequately to that or provide a corporate responses. with respect to the waste water pull the discussion, as you may know, the regional water quality board will permit a new facility, however, there has not been a discussion about the waste reduction, as required under the waste management act of 1999. that plays into the greenhouse discussion. we would like to have a further study on how the greenhouse gases are going to be studied, with respect to waste reduction.
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may i have one more minute? >> thank you. as you know, -- >> may i have 60 more seconds? >> you may not. comments may be received in her writing until the 26th of this month. certainly, you and anyone else should feel free to submit those. they will be considered as oral comments. >> i will do that. as a parting shot, regional housing needs proper allocation -- >> thank you. >> good morning, ladies and all men. my name is paul courier. i am an internet community
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organizer. some of the people who will be watching this nomy nationwide as one of the obama organizers. i want to run as mayor in san francisco in 2011. i am speaking in the public house, on behalf of the public interest, and i am shocked. it is nice to be here in a room that is owned by the people and city and county of san francisco. it is nice to see you people in the chambers of the elected representatives and using this facility for the planning and development of treasure island. i would like to ask a simple question. are we going to turn ourselves for what we already own? are we going to delegate that to corporations through charge us read for the resources that are already ours? is that what we are going to do? are we going to disrespect the fact that this property was owned by the federal government
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and there is a title claim that one of the other dunham and has already spoke about today? we are going to disregard the people and city in the state of california, the claims of the coastal commission to regulate the coast properties and waters. that is what we are going to do? i would caution us to pay attention to what is happening here. i want to talk about reasonable concepts. one of them is called secrecy, the next one is craft. another one is called crash and. maybe some of you have profited from it. maybe not. how come there is no inspector general function and this? we are privatizing 150 acres in napa county of san francisco. there is money at stake here. this is public property. where are the cops, oversight? secrecy. i went into the planning commission, i sat down yes
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today, and they sent me over to another department, and i was able to get two volumes. this is just one of them. in references two more, it is called the design for development planning guide. those other two documents, four documents, are not available on- line. how come they're not available? how come i cannot look at the pictures of the high-rises in the financial district that you are proposing to build? how come people from berkeley and alameda and sacramento and stockton cannot look at what the bay bridge will look like when we yolose the view of the golden gate bridge when they drive in? how come the secrecy? maybe because there is a lot of money in those high-rise developments. i want to close with a concept.
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it appears that we have an organized theft of public property going on with a process of methodology, where incrementally, we take this and that, and then 30, 50 years, what is left? treasure island is a gem. it belongs to the people of the bay area. hopefully the next supervisor in the district 6 will speak up more. i do not think the environmental impact report should be improved -- approved until it has been open to sunshine and the people
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in the state of california can see what you are doing. thank you very much. >> thank you. richard willard. can masters. karen weeks. >> good morning. richard willard. i represent the pile drivers of san francisco. we have a long history of development since the gold rush , had the foundations for the buildings of san francisco. i am the negative, only the positives. jobs are needed in california. for every construction worker employed, it creates many j+residual jobs in the process. the engineering feats in this day, if they can put people on the moon and drive trains under the day, i am sure we can support treasure island to be a positive addition to'róñi the a. a bit of trivia.
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i worked on the dock to the west side of treasure island in the mid 1980's. there is the longest continuous, 1-npiece i am happy to be able to support treasure island with many new jobs. if they could just create8u construction work. thank you for your time. >> thank you. >> has my name in as karenweiss. i am speaking on behalf of the bay conservation and development commission. i wanted to draw attention to a letter that was written by our executive director in support of the project and in support of the work that tida had done with us on sea level rise. also, the letter written by the governor in support of the project.
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thank you. also, we will be providing further comments, written comments, before the time period ends. >> thank you. >> ken masters. i hope you enjoyed nick's 3 minutes. i probably pay $2,000 for him to do that. time and again the voice of the residents have been shut down. my opposition to this plan starts with a contradiction in the mission statement, which includes, to create community and identity, when actually it will destroy the community and identity that exists. also, the precedents that this creates further empowers for the developers and politicians and weakens the individuals and communities within san francisco. as an example, i called 15 law
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firms before i found an attorney. all of them had consulates. how does an individual get access to justice if every law firm does not want to take a case, either because they are already employed by the developers or city, or because they believe it is bad for business? furthermore, there was a councilmember who stated, what i hope is a career-limiting opinion, that there are no nimbys on treasure island. we have no representation on the council. where is chris caly? -- chris daly? he has been absent for how long?
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furthermore, this will tear us apart and scattered along the island indefinitely, not keep us together as a group, and then make it so onerous, that we have no interest in staying. i expect to move from a 3- bedroom apartment to a 1-bedroom apartment on treasure island. after that, priced us up out of the ybi. why not price have the land to accommodate the residents that are there today. we know we have somewhere to come back to. we can take care of ourselves during redevelopment. furthermore, the cab has failed us. it ignored us and shut us out. each time that i attended a cab, after an over presentation, what
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to do one resident was on the board, who joined, six months ago? rolling every time he speaks about our concerns. >> thank you. >> commissioners, good morning. tony ganter. for many, it is startling to see the one ring bridge when they approach. are we not comfortable with the historic scale of the building is currently on the island? is this not something to be maintained? and do we want to alter the island profile with towers and jutting up from the day,
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including a central tower exceeding the height of the bay bridge? and we should not forget the impact of the earthquake on the island. the army corps of engineers dredge several hundred million cubic yards of material, most of its and, from the bottom of the day to build the island. brown the motion was among the strongest in the bay area, despite being 60 miles from the epicenter. what could happen during a similar, if not more powerful earthquake along the san andreas or hayward fault with an jgias the report compiled for te navy, it could cost substantially more shaking on the island and that live with occasion could be expected to9.e
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widespread. be wary of terms like geo technical stabilization when the forces of nature are so great. we do not need high rises. >> melanie williams, michael lynn, holly burke. >> good morning. my name is melanie williams. i live at 1215 bayside drives. i have been living here since 1995. i really appreciate everything you are doing. when we first came out here, i was pregnant with my son, and i really want to see something nice. i want to see the bridge. i have been there for a long
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time. i really >> we have community meetings. the programs is out there. and where i come from is a better place for me to be. so i just am glad you-all can get together. put the work together. and make it happy home for the families. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> hello, my name is mike from the conservation director with the golden state audio bonn society and i'm here to present oral comments on behalf of the society, written comments will follow. one of the things i want to start with. we'll hear a lot of comments about this process about overall support for the project and i would ask the commissioner and redevelopment agency to always at this point just remember that we need a good environmental impact report. and concerns about the eir do
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not reflect opposition necessarily to the project, but i also don't want to see what's happened to some of the other projects that have been before the city recently where the push for jobs and development while justified have outweighed the environmental concerns and creation of an adequate e.i.r. if an adequate e.i.r. is produced right now, we can get to creating those jobs and improving housing quicker. if you compromise and produce inadequate e.i.r., then it's going to lead to additional conflicts and delays that aren't necessary. i would ask you to take a hard look and not just be pushed by the politics and the money to push through an e.i.r. that's inadequate at this point. san francisco's made some recent positive gains for the environment. particularly the mayor's recent proposed legislation to improve energy efficiency on buildings and supervisor's proposal to ban plastic bags in thecyy. these are both good benefits for san francisco. and continue i think a history of trying to attend to
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environmental matters. but one constant that's been missing from the city has been protection of wildlife and habitats. it's always a secondary or tertiary consideration in any of these. and the e.i.r. should address those. the e.i.r. is adequate in saying that the habitat, particularly here on the island, has been compromised. there are others out there. offshore eo grass. and each of those will suffer impacts because of the proposed project. the e.i.r. concedes these but says each is less than significant. we would ask that the e.i.r. look at the written comments we propose and also ask itself whether the mitigations proposed really reduce it to a less than significant impact. we understand if it were to find
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there were significant impact that had economic impacts for the project overall, again we are talking about the sufficiency of the e.i.r. and sufficiency of the review. we ask the planning department and the commission ultimately not be compromised by pushes to push the project through and result in inadequate descriptions of the impacts and inadequate mitigations. of particular concern to the audubon society are the impacts, the unavoidable impacts to birds. the first and easiest one to identify is the massive increase in population on the island itself. there is no doubt by increasing the population overall -- [bell] >> thank you for your time. >> good morning. my name is kate kelly. kelley, an i represent the sierra club, chapter director for the local chapter of the sierra club. first of all i want to say that we support development on treasure island. we are not opposed to development on the island, but
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we want to make sure that the development is the proper development so-so important. we have some serious concerns about the transportation plan, about the habitat preservation, about air quality issues. and impacts on climate change as well as many other issues. our request today, i'll be very brief, is that you please consider, we respect fully request a two-week extension on the public comment period for the draft e.i.r. it's a very long and complicated document and we along with many other organizations who have interests in this development are not a staff driven organization. we don't have large staff the way that this city and the developers do. we rely on our volunteers. our volunteers have jobs. they have families. they have other commitments, travel commitments, and the short duration of this public
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comment period is inadequate for all of the issues that need to be addressed to be adequately addressed. we respectfully request a two-week extension on the public comment period. thank you very much for your time. >> thank you. >> my name is holly berg. i also want to encourage the planning commission to extend the time for public comment. it's vital that the san francisco community have adequate time to address their concerns and ask questions of you about the project. looking back at the hunters point development project, it received two months' worth of public comment. i think it's important that a project of this magnitude also gets the same amount of time for public comment. i think with the lessons learned from that project, we need to be able to give it the time it
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deserves. and, you know, it is important that the project move forward. it's the best project that it can be. one that benefits the community. thank you. >> thank you. >> good morning, commissioners. my name is a patrick euni. we are in full support of this project because of the many positive aspects to it. community housing, open space, jobs, etc. what we like about this development is the very favorable ratio of open space to development. out of the 420 acres, i believe 300 acres are designed, designated open space.
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wetlands, parklands, and 408 acres of athletic fields. it is from that perspective i speak for the 40 acres of athletic sports fields. our organization has and represent thousands of kids in san francisco and the bay area through our own consideration, the boys and girls club, rhythm and blues c.y.o., ymca, etc. what the kids in san francisco are literally crying out for is quality playing fields. two years ago our own organization was at a crossroads. we were on the verge of dying. so we took an enormous leap of faith and developed 15 acres of derelict lands that was a blight on the island of treasure island and convert it into 15 acres of pristine athletic fields at zero cost to the city of san francisco. but with an estimated cost to our own organization of $5 million. these fields have been enormous
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benefit to the kids of san francisco and the bay area. and indeed the disadvantaged kids on the island. in collaboration with tida and the city of san francisco we also pose add 10,000 square foot playing structures for the kids on the island. the fields have been the size of several -- site of several local regional international tournaments which has resulted in millions of dollars of revenue to the city of san francisco. in view of the enormous voluntary human and financial investment we have made on behalf of our kids and the young adults in the bay area, and because of the region 2345al nature of our fields, we request the usage of the existing fields be interpreted as being client with the requirements of the trust. it is also our wish that when these -- from the 40 acre fields are complete, that the proposed 40-acre fields are complete that provisions be made or
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legislation drafted to keep amateur and volume--voluntary and community organizations be a permanent part of the proposed athletic fields. we are having -- having said all that we are in full support of the e.i.r. thank you very, very much for your time. >> thank you. is there additional public comment? >> good morning, commissioners. president miguel, president stephens. i'm joe koppel, first a personal opinion as a district four homeowner and musician. i look forward to going to the treasure island music festival every year and the island has surprisingly good acoustics. i think it's very healthy for the social environment out there on the island. also i do represent the san francisco electrical construction industry. i have been intimately involved in the discussions about this project through the

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